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6-8th July Ceresole Reale - REGISTRATION OPEN

(28 February 2017)


We have the pleasure of inviting you to participate in the International Meeting on the Conservation of High Mountain Lakes which will take place on July 6-8th, 2017 at the Gran Paradiso National Park, Ceresole Reale, Italy, in the frame of the conclusive events of the LIFE Project BIOAQUAE (Biodiversity Improvement of Aquatic Alpine Ecosystems, LIFE11 BIO/IT/000020). The meeting is organized in collaboration with the LIFE Project LimnoPirineus (Restoration of lentic habitats and aquatic species of Community interest in high mountains of the Pyrenees, LIFE13 NAT/ES/001210) and is focused on the role of the Natura2000 sites and protected areas, on the recent research advances, and also on management strategies and specific experiences to achieve a long term conservation of high mountain lake ecosystems.


The meeting is open to researchers, experts, managers and to everybody interested, with an outstanding list  of invited lecturers (Ruben Sommaruga, University of Innsbruck, Austria; Jaime Bosch, National Museum of Natural Sciences-CSIC; Marc Ventura, CEAB-CSIC, Catalonia, Spain; Michela Rogora, ISE-CNR, Italy; Roland Knapp, University of California Santa Barbara, USA; Danny Boiano, US National Park Service).


Registration will be active until the day before the meeting, but deadline for submission of contributions is 6th JUNE 2017.


Registration to the meeting is free, but participants have to pay their own meals and lodging expenses.


To register to the meeting please click




and fill the online registration form available. Participants who want to present a contribution are asked to send a brief abstract (max 250 words) including title, authors and affiliations, type of contribution (oral presentation or poster), in English language along with the online registration form. Participants will receive a confirmation of their registration and submission within two weeks after the deadline.


We look forward to meet you in Ceresole Reale!