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The project is cofounded by the European program LIFE + that promotes preservation and recuperation actions of habitats and species of flora and fauna in protected spaces of the European Union integrated in the web Natura 2000.


Spanish National Research Council (CSIC)

The Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) is the largest public institution dedicated to research in Spain and the third largest in Europe.

The Centre of Advanced Studies of Blanes (CEAB) is a center of the CSIC that works in a multidisciplinary way in several lines of investigation of marine biology, limnology and ecology. One aspect of the research carried out in the CEAB to highlight is the study of invasive species, their role in the receptive ecosystems as well the managing mechanisms. The CEAB also works in collaboration with state or autonomic agencies to improve the preservation state of ecosystems. 

The investigators of the project LIFE LIMNOPIRINEUS are part of a research group of CEAB specialised in the study and the preservation of high mountain lakes. This group has participated in numerous projects using high mountain lakes as sensors of environmental and climate changes.

Agencia Estatal Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas

Associated Beneficiaries

Departament d'Agricultura, Ramaderia e Miei Naturau, Conselh Generau d'Aran

The Conselh Generau d'Aran (ARAN) is the main institution of the government of the Val d’Aran. The Conselh Generau is competent in the subjects of nature, mountain and forest paths protection as well as in the protection of agriculture, livestock, fishing, hunting and forestry resources.

The Conselh Generau has participated in several projects LIFE and INTER-REG and has forest rangers and fishing guards with experience in tracking fish population including the population of European bullhead.

Conselh Generau d'Aran

Forestal Catalana, S.A.

Forestal Catalana is a public Company whose area of activity is Catalonia.

Its aim is the provision of services, technical assistance, preservation of flora and fauna and management of the natural environment. Among other abilities Forestal Catalana has experience in producing and commercializing plants and seeds destined to the reforestation and environmental restoration. They can also project, execute, preserve, explore and restore buildings and infrastructures in natural spaces as well as perform silvicultural and reforestation work and fight against the erosion. The environment management area of Forestal Catalana is responsible for breeding in captivity threatened species and recovering protected species.

Forestal Catalana, S.A.

Generalitat de Catalunya. Departament d'Agricultura, Ramaderia, Pesca, Alimentació i Medi Natural. Direcció General de medi Natural i Biodiversitat.

The Direcció General del Medi Natural i Biodiversitat is part of the Departament d'Agricultura, Ramaderia, Pesca, Alimentació i Medi Natural of the Generalitat de Catalunya. It is the ambience unit that plans and manages nature and natural resources in Catalonia. In this project two services from this unit will take part. These services are also part of the Subdirecció General de Biodiversitat: the Servei de Biodiversitat i Protecció dels Animals and the Servei d’Espais Naturals Protegits.

The Servei de Biodiversitat i Protecció dels animals and the Servei d’Espais Naturals Protegits have experience in preservation projects of threatened species.

Generalitat de Catalunya
Parc Natural de l'Alt Pirineu
Parc Nacional d'Aigüestortes i Estany de Sant Maurici

Sorelló, Estudis al Medi Aquàtic S.L.

Sorelló is a relatively young Company specialised in the provision of technical and scientific consultancy services for the management and preservation of species and continental aquatic ecosystems.

Sorelló has taken over numerous projects of study and tracking of native and threatened species, exotic invasive species; species from river, lacustrine or marsh habitats, the quality of the water and its ecologic state, stream connectivity, etc. In the field of the management of exotic species, Sorelló has designed and executed experimental projects of elimination and intensive control of fish fauna. It also performs activities of environmental education and environmental awareness.

Sorelló, Estudis al Medi Aquàtic S.L.

Universitat de Barcelona

The University of Barcelona is considered one of the best 200 universities in the world. The Departament de Biologia Vegetal is involved in research projects about vegetable physiology, science of the vegetation, vegetable population biology and botanical preservation among others.

The investigators involved in the project LIFE LIMNOPIRINEUS are part of a research group with great experience in high mountain flora and vegetation and vegetation and restauration cartography, which are the basis of their participation.

Universitat de Barcelona


Diputació de Lleida

The Diputació de Lleida is an institution of the Spanish state which is part of the local administration and has certain administrative power within the government and the province of Lleida.

Diputació de Lleida