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Common midwife toad

Alytes obstetricans Laurenti, 1768
Origin: Autòctona
Habitat: Semi-aquatic
Other popular names:

The Common midwife toad is an amphibian that can be found from the northwest of Europe to a great part of the Iberian Peninsula except for Andalusia. It is a small size toad (which does not usually exceed the 5 cm), stubby and with pop eyes, vertical pupil and golden iris. Its color changes and it goes from grey to brownish with small green, reddish and black spots. It has a granular skin with small warts usually distributed in two lateral lines. It feeds on arthropods in general (flies, beetles, spiders…) whereas in its larval stage it can also feed from vegetable matter, carrion and water invertebrates.

The introduction and proliferation of fish in the high mountain lakes, originally free of alien fauna, continues to be the main threat to the populations that live in the Pyrenees.