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Pyrenean Brook salamander

Tritó Pirinenc
Calotriton asper
Origin: Autòctona
Habitat: Aquatic
Other popular names:

The Pyrenean Brook salamander is an endemic amphibian from the Pyrenees that belongs to the Salamandridae family. It is found in the whole Pyrenees and in some parts of the Pre-Pyrenees, between 500 and 2.500 m.

Adults measure from 10 to 15 cm of length and the colour of its back is a very dark brown and even, sometimes with some yellow spots or a longitudinal yellow line. The abdomen is yellow. The larva has a lighter colour with dark spots and it has a crest on the tail.

It feeds on small water invertebrates though it can also feed on small water vertebrates like amphibian larva.

The introduction and proliferation of fish in the high mountain lakes, originally free of alien fauna, continues to be the main threat to the populations that live in the Pyrenees.